As you are sat on your bed blindfolded and waiting for me to arrive, you will start to feel slightly helpless. You signed up for this, you have agreed beforehand the boundaries of our encounter but from here on in you will be in my hands and a sense of wonder and curiosity will encompass you.

As you hear your front door open, your heart will start racing, but you are not allowed to say anything. You’ve been given your rules and you must obey them. Rule No.1: You will only speak when spoken to.

By now your brain is in overdrive, you have just let a stranger into your house or hotel room and have agreed to let him treat you as he desires. It strikes you that you are not just letting him do this, you asked for him to do this to you and you get excited, this is exactly what you signed up for.

When you agreed to this experience you told me what you were comfortable with, but you do not know what will happen or what I have planned for you. Only that I will always remain within the set boundaries that we agreed prior.

Your blindfold remains on at all times. You never see me, you will never know who it was you shared this experience with and if I so choose, you may never speak to me either.

Because when you agreed to put yourself in the heart of this experience, you did so agreeing that you will fulfill my every request. I will treat you only how you have asked me to treat you in our discussions beforehand, but there is no turning back now.

By the time I am stood in front of you, your heart will be beating out of your chest. This is just the start of your journey…

The Rules

This experience is bound by a set of rules of which you must agree to prior to it going ahead. Should any of the rules be broken at any point then the experience will be ceased immediately and without warning.

1). You will only speak when spoken to. The experience starts the second I step through the door and I expect complete silence unless I speak directly to you

2). Your blindfold will be in place when I arrive and will remain on at all times. You will never see me. You may only remove your blindfold after I have left.

3). You will do as told at all times. We will agree in detail everything that you are comfortable with me doing with you prior to our experience. I will only ever play within these set boundaries but I fully expect that you will be comfortable with everything you agree to prior and hence: you will do as told at all times.

You are now wondering what exactly will happen during the experience and the honest answer is it is entirely in your hands.

This experience has worked so successfully for me because of the detailed planning that happens prior to any meeting taking place. I will send you a detailed checklist and ask you to let me know your every desire for your experience.

I will only ever perform any act that you agree to prior to the experience taking place. You are putting a lot of trust in me and I respect and honour this.

You are able to share your deepest, darkest desires with me without fear of judgement.

Do You Want To Play A Game?

If you would like to apply to be a participant in this experience then simply message me: “I Want To Play A Game” and it will begin.

The Price Is £100.00 All Inclusive

Please only apply if you are ready to play. Your welcome to ask questions at any point, but once the game is started I expect your dedication and commitment to creating an amazing experience.